My Stay in Hangzhou, China


It seems like it was yesterday, but it wasn't! It's been 4 years since my stay in China. Then it was hard, now - I would gladly come back.
The first place in China was Hangzhou. I was a little scared... until 19 I was the farthest in Licheń (Poland, I am from north part of Poland) and suddenly... I found myself at the other end of the world. Modeling gave me that opportunity and I took advantage.
Living there is totaly different than in Europe. The Chinese do not speak English so it is difficult to get around the city without help. Hangzhou is considered one of the prettiest cities... Well, it's not like in fairy tales. The rivers are dirty, clothes are dried on trees and smog does not add charm... 
Every place in the world has its advantages and disadvantages but it teaches us to be openminded! :)
The most famousplace of the city is West Lake. Around The West Lake are numerous temples, pagodas, gardens and artificial islands.
The strange but delicious foods are hidden in inconspicious streets and sometimes look unclen... Any way I risked many times and I am still alive! 

And how suprised I was when outside my apartment I saw this... :) It was my first day in China! 

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