City to see in Poland - Wroclaw


Donuts, donuts, donuts ... I have not seen so many donut shops in a Polish city yet! Of course, I have tried some... I do not regret!

I went to Wroclaw to rest and have a good time with my boyfriend ... Btw. Is the "boyfriend" the right form for an adult man?
The city positively surprised me! It is really beautiful! During this stay, we focused on the Old Town and the nerby area (especially on ourself). We decided that someday we will go back there to see more.

Mainly we sauntered and ... ate. I will not pretend anything! We were at the tower of some church whose name I do not remember, but I could admire the panorama of the city.
What we have visited from recommended points? Panorama Racławicka! You guys gotta see it!
So we saw the entire Old Town and we visited some three donut shops, coffee shops, restaurants and a milk bar. Oh! Well, it's good that there are so many little dwarfs, I can say that I saw something! They are everywhere!

I can recommend you the MANGO MAMA restaurant! Delicious, oriental cuisine, very nice staff, good music and great decor. What more do we need in a place like this? I ordered sweet potato fries, Jungle Curry with tofu and a cocktail (whose name I cannot remember, but I do remember the taste). My companion (of this extremely fascinating journey) satisfied himself with PAKORA (fried potatoes, cauliflower and onion in chickpeas cake with mint sauce) and curry with chicken. Everything was really tasty. Unfortunately both, the starter and the main course, were served together through some of the dishes cooled down a bit.
Donuts like donuts - sweet! So I will not recommend you any donut shop because I did not pay attention to their names. All I was thinking about it was: What flavour should I choose?
Do you like sweets? You gotta go to NANAN - amazing, PINK bakery! I am really in love with this place! It is not just about some sweet products but about art!

When I am in new places, I try to see as much as possible. This time I focused on me and my man that is why I will be back to see more!

Although I do not hide that sometimes it is nice to have such a trip.We relaxed and we did not hurry anywhere. Am I right?

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