City to see in Poland - Poznań


Poznań is a perfect place to go just for a few days or for a weekend. That would be enough time to see the most interesting places. 
Also the city is located between Berlin and Warsaw, so you can stop over there on the way.

The Old Town is not too big so almost everything there is within walking distance. Also I stayed in Sheraton Poznań which is very well located (next to the Railway Station and 10-15 minutes form the Old Town).
The Town Hall with little goats on a tower in the old market square (polish: Stary Rynek) is an example of Renaissance architecture. 
Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and St. Mary Magdalene is also in The Old Town. This basilica is in the beautiful baroque style (a lot of gold, marble etc.).

Also near by is Poznań Archaeological Museum where you have permanent exhibitions about for example Ancient Egypt and Prehistory of Wielkopolska. 
I was lucky! When I visited the museum there was temporary exhibition about jewelry of the world. The original name is "Drogocenne podróże. Biżuteria świata" whose author is Maria Magdalena Kwiatkiewicz (what a beautiful name). It was an exhibition of  her amazing photographs and ethnic jewelry from her collection. 

The second day I rent a bike and cycled to Cytadela Park (if you got more time on your hands you can go there by walk too). This park is a perfect place to spend free time, catch a breath and just to lie on the grass. Except that there is Poznań Army Museum and Museum of Armaments located. Unfortenatly I did not have time to visit the first one but I visited the second, which is amazing.

The Poznań Palm House is the place which I fell in love with. I am really dreaming of traveling in the tropics and I could admire there a lot of tropical plants. 

To spend a quiet evening I cycled to Lake Malta. There are some recreational attractions but almost all of them where closed. Any way I experienced there the wildest ride in my life... There is a small mountain railroad but of course I was scared (the evening was not so quiet anymore).

First day I wanted to eat something really normal and I was looking for local milk bars (polish: bar mleczny). Milk bar is a place where you can have very cheap traditional meals.
I couldn't find one so I went to Podkoziołek. I did not check out first TripAdvisor and that was my mistake. The food was terrible and the beetroot soup was the worst I ever had.

Next day I wanted a pizza so I had one in DOMU,restaurant with very stylish decor. The pizza was way too perfect, so yummy. 

I grabbed a coffe from Weranda Cafe. Well I ordered coffee "to go" but I will be back there for sure. The place is colorful, vintage, highly instagramable and has very good reviews
Another coffee and a piece of carrot cake I had in W Filiżance Cafe. Everything was wonderful including staff.

At the begining I thought that I came to really ugly city... honestly... Well some buildings need renovations anyway I found really nice places. I spend there wonderful weekend and the city is worthing visit. 
I am giving  you links to official websites: Poznan.Travel &

Picture from the Facebook Page of the Weranda Restaurant

 Picture from the Facebook Page of The DOMU Restaurant

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  1. Eh, ja chyba nigdy nie przekonam się do Poznania

    1. Kwestia nastawienia i gustu. :) Mnie na początku też się nie podobał i są miejsca, które nie są ani ładne, ani klimatyczne. Mimo to jest dużo też tych interesujących i tych, w których po prostu przyjemnie jest spędzić czas. :)



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